Friday, April 24, 2015

Beaufort, NC

After a beautiful day of cruising, we tied up at the Beaufort Docks for the night of April 23.   Beaufort, NC  (Beau is pronounced with a long o) is as different from Beaufort, SC (Beau is pronounced with a long u) as Montauk is to Easthampton.  We were right in the center of town on Front St. What a lovely town – very quaint, clean and friendly! 
Beaufort SC Docks
Beaufort is filled with well-kept homes - many with historical markers dating back to the mid 1800's.  We are following the azaleas up the coast and they were in full bloom today.

Pretty homes Beaufort NC 2Pretty Homes Beaufort NC 1

We visited a very old and beautiful cemetery with Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers and lots more brilliant azaleas. 

Beaufort SC Cemetery
That night we had a great dinner at the Blue Moon Cafe  with Corinne and Robert who are traveling on their trawler Ariel and who we had met previously in Georgetown.
The next morning we got up early and rode our bikes all along the waterfront and throughout the town.  Beautiful!
Jonny biking in Beaufort, NCLynn Bicycling in Beaufort NC


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    1. We will work on the 'follow' tab. Sometimes technology is the adventure! Thanks for the suggestion.