Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Elizabeth City, NC

Elizabeth City is the southern staging point for boaters who want to traverse the Dismal Swamp Canal.  It’s an old (small) city that is working hard to attract boaters.  It has (count them) four free docking sites along its waterfront.  We stayed at the bulkhead at Mariner’s Wharf – a perfect location for exploring the area.  On the day we arrived, the former mayor stopped by the dock to welcome us to his town and to share his own experiences living and traveling aboard his trawler!
Elizabeth City Welcome SignElizabeth City waterfront2
 Elizabeth City museum
Directly across from our dockage was the very impressive Museum of the Albermarle.  It provided a great historical perspective of the area. Elizabeth City was an important link between coastal NC and Norfolk and became a major force after 1805 when the Dismal Swamp Canal was completed.  The canal served as a vital link in the Underground Railroad. Many slaves traversed the Dismal Swamp to catch vessels going north.

  Elizabeth City architcture 1                  Elizabeth City architecture 2
We rode our bikes through the historic part of town and along the riverfront through some beautiful neighborhoods.  Throughout the city the azaleas continued blooming along with the addition of irises and even a few daffodils. Following spring up the east coast is such a treat!
Elizabeth City Azaleas 2    Elizabeth City Azaleas 1
We stayed in Elizabeth City for two nights and met up with our new friends, Corinne and Robert on Ariel.  We had dinner together at a local fish joint and met Duane and Diane on Diva Di who are traveling from Florida and also heading for the Down East loop. Jonny had corresponded with Duane by email and blog so we’ll be sharing information and adventures with them along our route as well. 

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