Friday, May 15, 2015

Edwards Creek Anchorage on the Piankatank River–Chesapeake Bay

The journey on the Chesapeake from the York River to Edward’s Creek off the Piankatank River was something of a rough ride.  Although the day was warm and sunny, the winds were blowing 15-20 mph.  Between the winds and the confluence of the rivers at each of their mouths, it felt like we were riding a bucking bronco at times.  We had to secure everything below deck more carefully than we usually do and even had to turn our heavy teak table on the aft deck upside down so it wouldn’t fly around. We went below only briefly enough to bring lunch fixings up to the fly bridge.  Neither of us could comfortably make sandwiches in the galley!  But our boat can take a lot more than we mere mortals can, so we finally arrived safe and sound at a beautiful tucked away anchorage behind Gwynn’s Island.  Gwynn’s Island is just inside the Piankatank River and we settled in on little Edward’s Creek. 

This was a perfect place to launch our dinghy and go exploring.   We found a little seafood restaurant just next to the bridge that leads to the island. We called ahead to see if they had fresh soft shell crab and as they did, we motored over  for dinner to the Seabreeze Restaurant.  As we cruise the Chesapeake, we’ll be in search of the perfect crab cake and soft shell crab meals. We haven’t found them yet!
Sarah's Creek JPK testing the new enginePiankatank bldgPiankatank boatsPiankatank Seabreeze Restaurant
After dinner, we explored our anchorage and discovered that every piling had a huge osprey nest atop  it and most of them had little baby ospreys in them with very agitated osprey mothers hovering nearby. 
Piankatank Edwards Creek osprey 1Piankatank Edwards Creek osprey 2Piankatank Edwards osprey 4
When we returned to Zendo, we resumed our evening obsession – watching Mad Men episodes starting with season 1.  Now that the program is ending, we are finally tuning in!

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