Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother’s Day Weekend

After the Great Loop Rendezvous, we rented a car and drove to meet Stephanie in Christiana, Delaware where she is now working.   She is still with Aramark but now she’s at a JP Morgan Chase Operations Center located there.   She is moving from New Jersey to  live in Philadelphia and will commute to Delaware.  She and Lynn were apartment hunting while Jonny drove on to Connecticut to see his Aunt Pearl and Aunt Roz (both of whom have been in poor health) and to spend part of Mother’s Day with his mom. What a good guy to drive a total of 24 hours over 3 days to see many of the important women in his life!
The drive through the eastern shore of the Chesapeake was very scenic, passing through peaceful countryside and quaint little towns.  We stopped for lunch at a little waterside restaurant in Onacock, VA.  What a charming town!  We want to come back here by boat.
Eastern Shore Onancock WharfEastern Shore Building
Eastern Shore boots  Eastern Shore restaurant viewEastern Shore view from restaurant

Philadelphia is an exciting city with beautiful architecture, lots to do and a very cool center city area where Stephanie wants to live.  We looked at about 15 different apartments. Wouldn’t you know, the one she liked best won’t be ready until mid-June – so it’s temporary housing until then!  We celebrated our long day of trudging back and forth across the city with a nice glass of wine and a tapas dinner!
Phili for rentPhili apartment hunting architecturePhili apartment hunting parkPhili apartment hunting SRK wine
On Mother’s Day, we spent time packing Stephanie’s apartment and enjoyed a delicious Mother’s Day dinner in an outdoor patio – Italian food, of course!
Philidelphia Mother's Day family  Phili Mother's Day wisteria


  1. Let me know if she wants to move into the Chew Mansion in Germantown.

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