Friday, June 12, 2015

Glimmer Glass Anchorage, Manasquan Inlet, NJ

After just a few hours of sleep, we left Atlantic City for Manasquan Inlet on the New Jersey coast.  The Jersey coast is mostly beaches (the famous Jersey shore) and there are not as many inlets as there are in the states further south.  So by the time we got to Manasquan, after an eight hour cruise, we were ready to stop and rest. There are many fewer anchorages along the Jersey coast but we found a great one called Glimmer Glass about two nautical miles up the Manasquan Inlet through the narrowest bascule bridge we’ve ever seen.

Manasquan bridgemanasquan 1

Glimmer Glass was as pretty as the name sounds.  A lovely cove with lots of greenery on one side, very pretty homes with well-maintained fishing boats on another side and a commuter railroad on the third.  Much to our surprise, we were the only boat anchored there.   We spent a quiet night cooking dinner on the grill, consulting with folks about our head (toilet) problem, and planning for our travel to NYC and the Hudson. We went to bed early because the next day we were heading to NYC!


manasquan 3manasquan 4Manasquan impressionistic swans

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