Monday, July 27, 2015

Anse l’Original Anchorage (Moose Bay)

On July 26, we left the marina at L’Anse St. Jean bound for Tadoussac to pick up Zendo at the marina there.  We enjoyed our last few hours on Diva Di and the Saguenay and even spotted a few more belugas on the way.  We arrived back at Tadoussac at noon and left an hour later for our anchorage at Anse l’Original (also known as Moose Bay) on the St. Lawrence.  We expected this to be a long travel day and it certainly was.  It was nice to be back in our cozy boat though we had definitely enjoyed our time on Diva Di and we absolutely loved the Saguenay!

L'Anse de Original 2015-07-26 004 

As we left Tadoussac, we saw a couple of Minke whales and even some porpoises! A fitting farewell to this wonderland also known as the Charlevoix region!

L'Anse de Original 2015-07-26 006

We are now headed to the Gaspesie region – the northernmost part of our trip. 

L'Anse de Original 2015-07-26 003

We had a long cruising day and as it got colder and just a little rainy, we drove mostly from down below in the saloon. Lynn worked on the blog most of the day and we arrived at our anchorage around 6 p.m.  Anse l’Original is a beautiful anchorage in  a bay off of the St. Lawrence.  The weather cleared at the end of the day and we had a great view of the shoreline and bay (no moose sightings though)!

L'Anse de Original 2015-07-26 002

Lynn went down to the galley to cook dinner but the anchorage was getting a lot of swells and after awhile amid the cooking smells and the rocking and rolling of the boat, she had to come up for air.  Jonny kindly finished the dinner preparations and we ate on the aft deck in the waning light.

 L'Anse de Original 2015-07-26 005

Later on after cleaning up, we did some more trip planning with a particular focus on dates for upcoming rounds of visitors.  We are expecting Lynn’s cousins Cathy and Mark to meet us in Nova Scotia, and then a few days after they leave Michael Bracken is coming.  Jonny’s cousin Robbie will be joining us for the crossing of the Bay of Fundy. 

L'Anse de Original 2015-07-26 001

We are enjoying this more remote part of Canada.  It is all very new and exciting to us!  We are also grateful to be traveling with Diva Di which adds a level of comfort and security in these more isolated areas.

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