Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Matane, Quebec

We left our anchorage in Anse  l’Original at 7:30 a.m. on June 27  bound for Matane, the next stop on our journey.  We were traveling behind Diva Di since they can travel faster than us.  This was another long cruising day downstream on the St. Lawrence.  It was  very foggy and quite chilly for most of the day.
Matane 2015-07-27 003
It was so cool that Lynn started off with two layers of pants, two layers of shirts, a light jacket and a mid-weight jacket.  As the day wore on, the layers were reduced but it wasn’t until we were about to arrive that the sun shone.  But that was short lived as the fog rolled in again as we docked at the marina at Matane.
Matane 2015-07-27 001
We were able to see a cute harbor seal as we came into port!
Matane 2015-07-27 002
After chatting with the charming  dockmaster, a young girl from Halifax who highlighted the one or two things to do in Matane, we decided to skip our explorations of the town and stick close to the boat.  Lynn did a load of wash at the marina’s comfortable facility (co-ed bathrooms with five separate units each containing their own shower, toilet, sink and dressing area).  The amenities are important to us these days! 
Matane 2 2015-07-27 003
A beautiful rainbow appeared across the sky as we prepared for Duane and Diane to join us for cocktails and nibbles.  Afterwards,  Jonny made dinner for a second night in a row and he always does so with such finesse!  
Matane 2 2015-07-27 001
We topped off the night with two nice Facetime chats, first with Stephanie and then with Andy and Ed. Even Stephanie’s cat, Sasha, and our dog, Mocha, made appearances!

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