Friday, July 10, 2015

Middle Bay Anchorage, Lake Champlain

We continued to meander through Lake Champlain heading for Plattsburg, NY on July 9.  As we got closer to Plattsburg, we changed our minds and decided to find an anchorage instead of staying in another “city”.  There were a couple of bays that were supposed to be especially scenic especially in the area of Treadwell Bay.  The first one we looked at was Deep Bay.  Though it was beautiful, harrow and deep,  there were a lot of boats on moorings  and we were looking for something a little less populated.   We cruised back to the much smaller Middle Bay.      

This was it!  Only  three other boats were anchored there. The bay was quiet, surrounded by trees and the water was very still.  We dropped the hook immediately and settled down for a peaceful evening. 

Middle Cove Sunset

Jonny did some rowing and of course talked to one of the other boats anchored there.  It seems like most of the boats in this part of the lake are owned by Canadians who enjoy Lake Champlain as much as the Americans do.

Middle Cove Rower 2

We are finalizing our plans for the Canadian portion of our trip.  It begins after our next stop which is Rouses Point, NY,  the last marina we stay in before entering Canada!  

Middle Cove Sunset 2

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