Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Anchorages En Route to the Bras d’Or, Nova Scotia

After leaving Prince Edward Island, we spent two and a half days traveling along the southern coast of Nova Scotia on August 10-12.  We are cruising the Northumberland Strait that separates Prince Edward Island from the mainland of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.    The coastline is  is quite lovely here with a low profile, lots of green rolling hills, intermittent villages and the occasional lighthouse.  We are heading to the Bras d’Or Lake, an inland lake system in Cape Breton that we plan to explore for several days. 

En route to Bras d'Or 1 2015-08-10 004En Route to Bras d' Or 3 2015-08-11 002

Our first half day (we left our marina in Prince Edward Island at 12:30 pm.) started off well but then the waves got bigger and we were rocking and rolling rather uncomfortably.  En Route to Bras d' Or 3 2015-08-11 006

Fortunately, once we passed under the Confederation Bridge that goes from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia, the waters settled down for the afternoon.  We found a beautiful anchorage behind Oak Island on the Nova Scotia side and settled in next to Diva Di.  We enjoyed a nice dinner sitting on the aft deck watching the playful seals and the sunset and reflecting on the wonderful time we had in Prince Edward Island.

En route to Bras d'Or 2 2015-08-10 001En route to Bras d'Or 2 2015-08-10 004

The next day was a very long one as we wanted to make as much progress as possible because the weather was expected to get worse the following day.  However, the weather on August 11 proved to be just beautiful  - sunny and warm with no whitecaps!  We had a delightful morning on the water and throughout the day, Lynn spent many hours reading, doing her needlepoint and listening with Jonny to a recorded audio blog called Serial.

En Route to Bras d' Or 3 2015-08-11 005

We saw some porpoises and seals along the way and very little boat traffic.

En Route to Bras d' Or 3 2015-08-11 004

We eventually found another very nice anchorage in Harve Boucher, a little hidey-hole cove just northwest of the Strait of Canso. We had another lovely evening on the aft deck eating dinner and watching the seals and yet another dramatic sunset!

En Route to Bras d' Or 3 2015-08-11 008

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