Friday, August 21, 2015

Baddeck and the Cabot Trail, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

“I have travelled the globe.  I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes and the Alps and the highlands of Scotland, but for simple beauty, Cape Breton outrivals them all.” - Alexander Graham Bell

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 086Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 087

We spent three  days in  the northern part of  Cape Breton where we rented a car and traversed the Cabot Trail.  This is the furthest east we will be on our entire journey.  On August 17 (our 29th wedding anniversary!), we arrived at the  Baddeck Marina which is located in one of the more substantial towns on the Bras d’Or.   We spent the day cleaning the boat and getting ready for the arrival of Lynn’s cousins, Cathy and Mark,  who were joining us for a week.  A bagpiper strolled along the public wharf piping traditional music the entire afternoon.  It lent a very special air to  this stop. 

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 001

We had a truncated visit to the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site having arrived there just 30 minutes before closing time.   It was a fitting and informative  memorial to the unbelievable scope of Bell’s contributions to science and the modern world.  After establishing himself as a world renounced inventor, Bell bought a home in Baddeck which was a special place for him because of his own Scottish heritage and because of the privacy and freedom that it provided to his family.  We learned that he spent much time there on scientific experiments in areas such as sound transmission, medicine, aeronautics, marine engineering and space-frame construction.

Baddeck 3 2015-08-17 002

That evening, we celebrated our anniversary at a local restaurant with a lobster supper,  an institution in these parts.  It included all you can eat chowder, mussels (delicious), and your choice of lobster, snow crab, salmon, etc.   It was a fun and very filling dinner!

Baddeck 2015-08-17 005

The morning after Cathy and Mark arrived we left on our drive along the Cabot Trail.  This 185 mile road winds  through many tiny towns along the coast as well as through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park where we saw old forests, grassy plains, waterfalls and huge rocky cliffs that plummeted down to the Gulf of the  St. Lawrence. 

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 017Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 018Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 019Cabot Trail 2, Cape Breton 2015-08-19 010Cabot Trail 2, Cape Breton 2015-08-19 011

There were scenic stops around every corner and hiking trails galore.  We struggled to decide which ones we would hike.  We stopped for lunch in the Ingonish area  where we had another local specialty – grilled scallop burgers (scallop sandwiches).   By the end of the day, we hiked an area called the Bog and another that ran along both sides of a merry stream to a lovely  waterfall.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 058Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 055Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 065Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 060Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 064Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 067

At one scenic outcropping we came across an array of blueberry bushes.  The blueberries were delicious and we keep kicking ourselves that we forget to bring  containers so we can bring our discoveries back to the boat.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 009Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 006Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 046

One of Lynn’s favorite stops was in Neil’s Harbor,  a very small fishing hamlet that we briefly explored and that yielded some interesting photo opportunities.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 020Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 033Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 027Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 036Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 038Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 041

That evening we stayed in a motel in Cheticamp, one of the Acadian villages along the Cabot Trail.  It was located just across the street from the water and we sat on the porch and had a drink and watched the sunset before walking to a local restaurant for dinner.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 089

The next morning, we went  back to the park to hike the Skyline Trail, one of the most dramatic of the trails.  The day was unseasonably warm and sunny and we arrived in late morning.  It  was a 5.7 mile hike that we had not adequately prepared for (water and suntan lotion-wise).  However, it was jaw-droppingly beautiful and we even saw a moose, which we had eagerly anticipated.  

Cabot Trail 2, Cape Breton 2015-08-19 008Cabot Trail 2, Cape Breton 2015-08-19 009Cabot Trail 2, Cape Breton 2015-08-19 010Cabot Trail 2, Cape Breton 2015-08-19 011Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 003Cabot Trail 2, Cape Breton 2015-08-19 001Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 072Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 074Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 076

The Cabot Trail winds through many small communities that reflect the blend of Scottish, Irish, French-Acadian and English cultures that make up the history, population and traditions of the area.  We stopped at a few local artisans’ shops to check out their unique wares.  The area is known for its rug-hooking and Lynn was interested to find a contemporary rug hooking kit that she could buy.  But everything we saw was very traditional though there were some beautiful pieces that had been created to commemorate historical events that were on display at a museum devoted  to this craft.

Cabot Trail 2, Cape Breton 2015-08-19 014Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 043Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 034

By the time we arrived back at the boat later in the afternoon, we were pretty bushed but we had work to do to prepare to leave the next day.   Lynn and Cathy went grocery shopping while Jonny set up the new grill we had ordered.  Mark helped Jon and caught some of the refreshing breezes on the end of the dock where he set up a nice little reading area!  We were too tired to cook on board so we found a place to eat dinner and retired early.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 073

Along with the Bras d’Or in general, Cabot Trail and the Cape Breton National Highlands Park in particular are added to our list of most memorable places on this journey of a lifetime!

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 011Cabot Trail, Cape Breton 2015-08-18 009


  1. What a fabulous adventure for you. Keep traveling and enjoy every day.

    1. Thanks Jim and Danette! We certainly are enjoying ourselves and benefitting from the resources you've loaned us!