Friday, August 21, 2015

Canso Harbor, Nova Scotia

We left Baddeck with Cathy and Mark heading for an anchorage in Canso Harbor on August 20. We were leaving the Bras d’Or for the southern coast of Nova Scotia.  We went through St. Peter’s Lock again where it was sunny, but just as we headed southwest around Isle Madame the infamous Nova Scotia coastal fog descended upon us.


The guidebooks say that while fog is common in this area, it usually lessons by late August due to the winds shifting and coming from a more northerly direction.  However, that doesn’t seem to be the case this year!

2015-08-20 001

We proceeded through thick fog the rest of the day.  Our journey became more difficult as we discovered that the auto pilot was no longer working. That meant that we had to manually steer the entire time.  Jonny tried to troubleshoot the problem and it appears that the problem may be the pump.  So he contacted the marina in Halifax where we are eventually  heading to arrange to have it fixed.

2015-08-21 001

Our first day at sea with Cathy and Mark was pretty much of a blur (there was only about  100 yards of visibility).  Fortunately, they are up for an adventure and are being very good sports about it!  After about eight and a half hours we arrived in Canso Harbor where we anchored in 20 feet of water.  It took quite a while to set the anchor because it was so deep and we were close to a lot of rocks.  20150820161631_IMG_5400

Shortly after, we were completely socked in by fog. But we settled in for the evening and had a nice dinner on board of panko encrusted cod with homemade potato salad (made from our Prince Edward Island potatoes) and a salad.

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