Sunday, August 23, 2015

Liscombe River, Nova Scotia

On Saturday, August 22, we awoke to more foggy weather.  Our planned cruise was to the Liscombe River which we tried to reach the day before.  Again we encountered 2 - 3 foot swells making for a fairly uncomfortable ride.

Harbor Island & Liscombe R. Anchorage, NS 2015-08-23 004

We decided to give ourselves a break and stop for lunch at an anchorage in Harbor Island.  The fog lifted as we entered the harbor and we had a nice lunch of grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches on the aft deck.  

Louse Harbor Anchorage, NS 2015-08-23 001

After our short respite, we pushed on to our final stop for the night at the Liscombe Lodge Marina.  We tried to call the marina a couple of times to make reservations but we were never able to reach them.  So we decided to take our chances and just show up there.  We know that the marina only had space for two boats on their dock but there was room nearby to anchor. 

The seas continued to be pretty rough and although Jonny spent the most time at the helm, he did allow Mark and Lynn to spell him for periods.  Fortunately, Mark and Cathy were armed with seasickness medication which proved to be a big help to them.

2015-08-22 001

Later in the afternoon, we followed the Liscombe River for about six miles until we reached the rustic Liscombe Lodge. We arrived just behind a sailboat that took the last remaining spot (remember there were only two) at the dock.  So we rafted up to the other boat and and refilled our water tanks before proceeding up the river a bit to anchor.

2015-08-22 002

We also learned, to our disappointment, that the lodge was closed for a private party. We were looking forward to using their facilities and eating their famous planked salmon but we ended up having our own salmon on board. 

We anchored up the river in a beautiful setting and were assured by the couple we had rafted up to that it was a perfectly calm and safe spot.

2015-08-22 003

However, Jonny was a little nervous about it and decided to put out a second anchor.  It’s probably a good thing that he did, because we were awakened in the middle of the night by a terrific thunderstorm that felt like it was right overhead.  It lasted for quite a while with thunderclaps that made the boat shudder but we held our ground and were thankfully very secure.

Harbor Island & Liscombe R. Anchorage, NS 2015-08-23 001

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