Saturday, August 22, 2015

Louse Harbor, Nova Scotia

We planned to do another long passage on Friday, August 21 as we slowly made our way along the southern coast of Nova Scotia.  We left our anchorage early (7 a.m.) bound for a marina on the Liscombe River.  However, we again encountered thick fog and winds strong enough to generate three foot seas.  The seas were hitting us on the beam (side of the boat) which made for a pretty rough ride.  In fact, we were so uncomfortable that after three hours we decided to end our journey for the day and duck into an anchorage called Louse Harbor. 


We followed our route all the way in to the back of the bay.  There, in our tucked-away anchorage, was an outcropping of rocks that a number of harbor seals seem to have colonized.  We spent the rest of the day watching them play on the rocks and swim  as the fog lifted for a few hours. 


Jonny, Mark and Cathy all took turns rowing the dinghy around the pretty bay.

Harbor Island & Liscombe R. Anchorage, NS 2015-08-23 001   20150823_171841

Cathy  got some great shots of the adorable and playful seals with their upturned noses and dog-like faces.  


Later on we had a nice dinner of penne a la vodka and salad and had another early night. It’s amazing how our body clocks have adjusted to going to bed early and waking up with the sun.


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