Monday, August 31, 2015

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Traveling from Halifax to Mahone Bay on August 29 was a dream!  We had absolutely beautiful weather – sunny and mild with relatively calm seas.  Michael Bracken brought good weather karma with him as we spent the day  cruising close to the Nova Scotia coastline.  We made it to the entrance of Mahone Bay after about five hours.  This was a treat after having spent so much time avoiding the shoreline due to fog. 

2015-08-29 Mahone Bay 6

Mahone Bay is a perfect cruising ground.  On the day we were there many sailboats were taking advantage of the beautiful Saturday afternoon weather.

 2015-8-29 Mahone Bay 12015-08-29 Mahone Bay 2Mahone Bay 2015-08-29 003

  It looked  like a northern version of Biscayne Bay.    The bay was studded with tiny islands some uninhabited and some with beautiful homes. 

2015-08-29 Mahone Bay 5IMG_9736

In the past, when pirates and privateers roamed the ocean, Mahone Bay was a favorite hideaway.  There are rumors that Captain Kidd has buried treasure on one of the islands and people have been searching for it for over 200 years!

For the next couple of hours we threaded our way through the bay to the village of Mahone Bay where we grabbed a mooring ball for the evening.  The most prominent feature of this town is the array of three church spires at the head of the inlet. 

2015-08-29 Mahone Bay 7 Church SpiresMahone Bay 2015-08-29 013Mahone Bay 2015-08-29 014Mahone Bay 2015-08-29 015

A tender came to pick us up and take us to the dock where we spent the next few hours exploring the picturesque village. 

Mahone Bay 2015-08-29 008Mahone Bay 2015-08-29 007Mahone Bay 2015-08-29 010

We had a beer at a local pub and  took the tender back to Zendo for our own private dinner on board on the aft deck.

Mahone Bay 2015-08-29 011Mahone Bay 2015-08-29 009

Next stop – Lunenberg!

Mahone Bay 2015-08-29 012

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