Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shippegan, New Brunswick

Do two days of early morning departures constitute a pattern?  We left even earlier on August 3 with the intention of taking advantage of calmer waters in the morning. This time we departed our fishing port dockage at 6:10 a.m.!  But again, around 10:30  the wind and seas started to pick up as we crossed the Bay of Chaleur heading for our first stop in New Brunswick.  

We entered the Shippegan Channel which is known to have strong tidal currents and  extensive mudflats at low tide.  Shippagan is derived from the Micmac Indian language  and it means “passageway for ducks.”

We made our way into the harbor  and secured a good spot on a floating dock.  The marina was next to a lighthouse, a museum and even a cemetery!

Shippigan 2015-08-03 003

Our primary task for the afternoon was to add data time to our Canadian phone card.  This was proving to be very difficult because both the phone and on-line service was not user friendly.  With the help of the dock hand and a friendly English speaking gentleman visiting the dock, Jonny was finally able to add the needed time.  The thing that frustrates us more than anything is the challenge of technology, whether it is adding data time, Lynn’s inability to text Stephanie on her I phone (when she can text everyone else with an I phone) or loading and categorizing pictures for our blog.  But, as Jonny likes to say, these are first world problems.  And we really have nothing to complain about!

Afterwards, we walked around the town a bit but many things were closed because it was New Brunswick Day.

Shippigan 2015-08-03 001

Duane and Diane invited us for a very delicious dinner of fresh mussels on board Diva Di and we spent some time talking about our plans for the next couple of days where we’ll be exploring some of the highlights of coastal New Brunswick.

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