Monday, August 24, 2015

Wolfes Island Anchorage on Long Creek, Nova Scotia

The weather on the Nova Scotia coast has not lived up to its nickname of the Sunshine Coast.  On Sunday, August 23 we left our Liscombe River anchorage at 8:30 for a seven hour cruise.  The weather was warm but also foggy and rainy.  The seas started out as 1 – 2 foot swells but they increased to 2 – 3 feet as  the day went on.   Jonny and Mark did all the driving (still no auto pilot), while Lynn read and did needlepoint and Cathy napped. 

Louse Harbor Anchorage, NS 2015-08-23 00820150823093142_IMG_5387

We finally arrived at our anchorage for the evening – a nice secluded ride up Long Creek on Wolfes Island.  We were the only boat in this anchorage and the only sign of human life was a red cottage located several hundred yards into the cove.  We secured ourselves in the creek with trees on one side and rocks and trees on the other and settled in for the night.

Louse Harbor Anchorage, NS 2015-08-23 004

We had a pleasant dinner on board and a quiet night together watching one of the DVDs that Andy gave us (20 Feet from Stardom).  

Our plan was to make the final passage to Halifax the next day.  However, we awoke to weather that had deteriorated significantly during the night.  Winds were up to  25 – 30 mph and there were 6 foot seas so we decided to ride out the storm in our snug anchorage and wait for the weather to improve.


We spent a VERY relaxing day reading, napping, trip planning and and watching Billy Elliott.  We had a leisurely lunch, an early cocktail hour, and dinner.   By the time evening set in, the skies were clearing and the wind was thankfully dying down some.  We saw a lovely sunset and went to bed hoping that the weather would continue to improve for our 40  mile journey to Halifax the next day so Cathy and Mark can catch their flight home!   We had a wonderful time having our family share a part of this adventure with us!

Wolfe's Harbor Anchorage, Nova Scotia 2015-08-24 003

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