Sunday, September 20, 2015

Boston, MA

We finally arrived in Boston, our long anticipated destination, on Thursday afternoon, September 16.  We were in town to attend a specially organized cousins party hosted by Lynn’s cousin Tanya and her partner, Tom.  They were kind enough to time it to align with our travel schedule.  We were also very excited because Stephanie would be flying in from Philadelphia to join us.

Boston Party 2015-09-19 007

This was the busiest harbor we’ve been in since New York Harbor.   We had to pay especially close attention as we entered it due to the many different channels intersecting the harbor and all the ferries going this way and that. We stayed at Constitution Marina located at the head of Boston Harbor and next to where the USS Constitution is docked.  Constitution Marina is actually located in Charlestown and we were docked right next to the bridge.  The folks at the marina were kind enough to give us a great slip to accommodate the open “house” we were planning for Saturday afternoon.  

Boston 4 2015-09-18 001Boston 2 2015-09-20 002

That night Tanya joined us onboard Zendo and the three of us went out for an Italian dinner in the North End.  We checked out the amazing Italian bakeries where we would get the cannolis for Saturday night’s dessert.  Mike’s Pastry was literally filled with over 100 people waiting in line for Italian pastries.  Apparently those lines last until the place closes at 11 pm.

Boston Party 2015-09-19 010

The next day we spent preparing the boat for the open (boat) house that we had invited the cousins to on Saturday afternoon before the big party.  We also took time to ride our bikes along a wonderful boardwalk that lines Boston Harbor.   Stephanie flew in that evening which of course, became the best part of the day!

Boston 4 2015-09-18 002Boston Party 2015-09-19 004

On Saturday, we hosted the open house for Lynn’s  cousins, most of whom had driven from the Waterbury, CT area for the party.  We were happy to have our friend Michael Finch and his friend, Eddy join us too.  We wanted everyone to see how we’ve been living for the last five months!

Boston Party 2015-09-19 003 Boston Party 2015-09-19 009Boston Party 5Boston Party 2015-09-19 005

Later that evening we headed over to the beautiful Back Bay home of Tanya and Tom. 

Boston Party 4

Besides being excited about the party, everyone was looking forward to seeing Tanya and Tom’s home which  had been featured in Boston Home due to the great design and renovation that Tanya had accomplished.  What a fantastic party it was!  The setting, the food, the company, the music,  the dancing -  the entire evening was a blast.  We are so lucky to have such a fun and fabulous family!

Boston Party 3Boston Party 2015-09-19 018Boston Party 2015-09-19 017Boston Party 2015-09-19 019Boston Party 2015-09-19 020Boston Party 2015-09-19 022Boston Party 2015-09-19 023Boston Party 2015-09-19 026Boston Party 7Boston Party 2015-09-19 021

We slept in on Sunday morning  having gone to bed after 2 a.m.the night before.  Since we weren’t sure when we would see Stephanie next, we wanted to make the most of our last day together.  We passed on the opportunity to have brunch with the cousins in order to do a city tour of Boston.  Stephanie had never really seen the city (other than for a quick job interview) and Lynn and Jonny hadn’t been there in almost 30 years!  We stopped for a nice lunch and  therapeutic Bloody Marys before Stephanie caught her flight back to  Phili.

Boston 2 2015-09-20 005Boston 2 2015-09-20 007Boston 2 2015-09-20 008

Next stop is Sandwich at the start of the Cape Cod Canal.

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