Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hingham, MA

After a fantastic weekend in Boston, we left on Sept. 21  at 6:30 a.m. to continue our journey down the New England coast.  Our plan was go to Sandwich at the eastern end of the Cape Cod Canal.   We knew it could be a rough ride because the winds were up but at least one forecast was somewhat favorable so we decided to give it a try.   However nature was not on our side.  Once we left Boston Harbor, the wind was blowing 25 – 30 mph and the waves were big!!  It was a fight for Jonny to steer  properly and with the wave action on our beam, it was getting a little scary.  We know our boat can take more than we can and we determined that these seas were more than we could take.  It was time to “bag it” and find a safe harbor.

We found a perfect safe harbor in the town of Hingham.  The Hingham Shipyard  had a history of hosting major ships over the last 50 years but the marina itself looked new and very inviting.  A retired  dockhand helped us to get into a tricky docking space given the windy conditions.  Once we tied up, we realized that we had the whole day to ourselves without any particular chores to get done. What a luxury!

Hingham MA 2 2015-09-22 003Hingham MA 2 2015-09-22 001

Our marina was located in a perfect setting for a day off.  Within just a couple of blocks, there was a very attractive shopping/restaurant/movie complex including this uniquely named restaurant!

Hingham MA 1 2015-09-21 001

In addition, Mark Wahlberg’s family, being from the Boston area, had opened two  restaurants in this complex, one of which was a burger joint named – what else – but Wahlburger’s!

We hadn’t been to a movie since we let on this journey and we had the afternoon open so for the first time in our lives, we went to a Monday afternoon matinee!  And guess what was playing, Black Mass, the movie about Whitey Bolger, the Boston crime boss.  What fun!

Afterwards, we engaged in some retail therapy and then headed back for a quiet dinner on board.  We’re hoping for a better travel day on the morrow. 

Hingham MA 2 2015-09-22 004

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