Monday, September 14, 2015

Kennebunkport, ME

There are so many interesting towns and anchorages in Maine that it’s been hard to decide which ones to visit and which we have to pass up for now.  We could easily spend a whole summer exploring the thousand miles of coastline in this state with all the islands, inlets, coves and rivers.  We decided to stop in Kennebunkport because Lynn had been there over 35 years ago and found it to be very appealing.  We have only four days to reach Boston so we can’t see everything we’d like to.  Another time!

Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 013

The day was clear but the wind built up over the course of the morning and so did the seas.  We left Portland at 7:30  and toyed with the idea of going all the way to Portsmouth, N.H.  However the waves were getting bigger (3-4 feet) with more and more whitecaps and it’s just not fun when the seas kick up.  So after a little coercion, Jonny was convinced that stopping in Kennebunkport for the night was the best decision.

There is no place to moor or anchor in the area and when we called to make a reservation at a marina, we encountered the highest prices we’ve seen thus far on our trip.  The most highly recommended marina was $5 per foot which is a lot higher than what we’ll be paying in Boston!  We found one for $4 per foot and grabbed it as the third option had no space at all!

Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 012

As soon as we made the turn into the Kennebunkport River, the seas calmed down and we quickly arrived at the Kennebunkport Marina. What an attractive setting!  Everything about this town is top notch and very charming.

Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 001

After a quick wash down of the boat (to remove the salt), we went to explore the town on our bikes.  Of course, we had to go visit the Bush compound which we had passed by water.  It was clear which of the large and very New England like homes was the Bush residence because there were two white markers in the water that indicated that boaters were not to get any closer to the shore there!

Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 009

In addition to the Bush homestead, we visited  the St. Ann’s Church nearby.  This beautiful Episcopal chapel was make of huge rocks in 1887 and was quite special.  From all accounts, the Bushes attend services there quite regularly. 

Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 003

We rode our bikes through the residential area which had many beautiful homes on wooded lots.  Lynn really loves the old style New England homes  - they are classic and homey and lack the ostentatious nature of many of the newer larger homes in places like Florida.

Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 005Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 006

Like the good cruisers we are, we had to stop for the obligatory ice cream cone in the village of Kennebunkport.  Lynn had one with rosemary, olive oil, and pepitas!  We walked around town checking out the shops,  picking up a few groceries and fish at the local fish market and snapping pictures of anything that looked interesting. 

Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 007Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 015

Then we headed back to the boat to make dinner and have a quiet evening aboard.

Kennebunkport ME 2015-09-14 004

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