Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lockeport, Nova Scotia

On Monday, August 31, we left at 7 a.m. for  a very long cruising day traveling southwest from Lununberg down the Nova Scotia coast.  The first four hours were pretty nice but after that the fog came rolling in and the wind picked up.   Our original plan was to anchor in a place called Carter’s Beach but given the lousy weather, it didn’t make sense to go to to a spot where we couldn’t see the view and  have to anchor in 30 feet of water which requires about 150 feet of chain.  So the decision was made to move to a marina in  Lockeport.  It made for a longer day but the following day would be a bit shorter (more rationalization)!

Unfortunately for our guest  the seas were pretty rough and there wasn’t much to look at because of the fog.  Michael spent a good part of the day lying on our bed where it was more comfortable.  We barely ate anything for lunch because no one wanted to go below to make it!

We continued on our “merry” way until we arrived at the marina in Lockeport at 5 p.m.  Using the word marina is somewhat of a stretch.  It was merely a place to tie up at a floating dock inside a breakwater and next to a big fish processing plant.  There was no power or bathroom facilities and we had to pay an extra $10 for water (not the norm).  However, it was a safe haven in lousy weather and we were glad to be there.

Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 008

Jonny and Michael explored the town after Jonny washed down the boat while Lynn made dinner. 

Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 001Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 007Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 003

After stopping at the general store, we cooked dinner and ate on the aft deck.  That evening we watched a movie together and went to bed late for us these days – 11:30.

Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 004

The next morning the three of us walked around the modest but fairly maintained fishing village.

 Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 002Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 011Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 010

The town is nicely situated on a peninsula and there were some very pretty views along our walk.

Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 008Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 015 

We had breakfast at a local “diner” before leaving for our next stop – Shelburne. 

Lockeporte, Nova Scotia 2015-09-01 017

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