Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sandwich, MA

We hoped for a better travel day on Sept. 22 and we got one  (at least it was somewhat better than the day before).  The day started off a little rough but the seas calmed down a bit after a few hours.  Unfortunately, we had the waves on our beam the whole ride which makes for a very rolly and fairly uncomfortable ride. We bounced around so much that at one point when Lynn was lying on the flybridge settee she was completely knocked onto the floor (but no harm done)!

We were looking forward to meeting our good friends, Lange and Addie, who were flying in from Miami to join us for a few days.

Sandwich, MA 2015-09-22 004

After a long seven hour cruise, we arrived at the Sandwich Marina where we passed the Coast Guard station, a rather imposing edifice next door to the marina. 

Sandwich, MA 2015-09-22 002Sandwich, MA 2015-09-22 001

Addie and Lange were waiting for us and after a celebratory drink at a local pub, we settled in for a quiet dinner aboard Zendo.  We had fun catching up with each other and planning our next day’s cruise through the Cape Cod Canal and beyond. 

Sandwich, MA 2015-09-22 003Sandwich, MA 2015-09-22 007

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