Sunday, October 25, 2015

Belhaven Anchorage, NC

After a very calm night in our Lutz River Anchorage, we left at dawn on Oct. 24 for an anchorage on the Pongo River. 

Belhaven1 2015-10-24 002

This was another long travel day on the intracoastal as we made our way back to Florida.  Unfortunately, we did not have time to linger on this return journey. We need to get back to South Florida to help get Jonny’s mother settled in and so we can move back into our Miami Beach home in time to host Thanksgiving there.

The weather was once again beautiful with sunny skies, warm temperatures and little wind. 

Belhaven2 2015-10-24 004Belhaven2 2015-10-24 005

Our original plan for today was to go to Manteo and Ocracoke which are side trips off the intracoastal requiring us to cross the very large Pamlico Sound.  We hadn’t been to these barrier islands near Cape Hatteras before and the trip would give us a break from the long stretches of the intracoastal.  But the winds were expected to kick up considerably over the next two days when we would have had to make a big crossing across those open and shallow waters so we decided on the more prudent route continuing on the intracoastal.  We couldn’t afford to be delayed by a few days.

It was a long day of travel on the intracoastal waterway  through some very isolated areas.  For much of the day we had no phone or internet access which doesn’t happen that often.  The landscape was beautiful and serene with wide stretches of open grasses and fields as well as wooded banks.

Belhaven2 2015-10-24 003Belhaven2 2015-10-24 006Belhaven2 2015-10-24 009

We decided to find an anchorage at 5:30 and chose one just beyond Belhaven.  We could have stayed at a town dock there but decided to bypass this small town and stay at an anchorage.

  Belhaven2 2015-10-24 011

Lynn made what we expected to be a good dinner with  the mackerel that had been given to us a while ago and that we had frozen.  She had a recipe for baking it in a foil pack with black beans and corn but it didn’t come out that good so we chucked the leftovers which is unusual for us.  Lesson learned – mackerel is best when it is cooked fresh!

We made another early night of it as we expected another long travel day as we make our way to Morehead City.

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