Monday, October 12, 2015

Fairfield, CT

We finally left New London on October 11 after a two week stay.  It was a sunny and warm day and the waters appeared to be very calm when we left at 8 a.m.  However, once we got out onto Long Island Sound we encountered some very choppy seas.   The waves looked to be about 3-4 feet and their intervals were very short, making for a rather uncomfortable journey.  We were glad that we had no guests aboard as they would not have been happy cruisers.  But we needed to “make hay while the sun was shining” so we hunkered down and spent the day heading for Fairfield.

Fairfield 2015-10-11 001Fairfield 2015-10-11 002

After about 6-7 hours, as we got closer to the eastern end of Long Island Sound, the waters calmed down a bit, so the captain had a chance to take a nap.

Fairfield 2015-10-11 005

Our plan was to stay near Fairfield so we could visit Jonny’s Aunt Edith (Skid) and perhaps see one of Lynn’s old buddies.  Fairfield is Lynn’s home town but she hadn’t spent a lot of time here since her parents moved to nearby Stratford after her dad retired.  The closest and best place to stay was Captain Cove’s Marina in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport right next door to Fairfield. 

Fairfield 2015-10-11 007Fairfield 2015-10-11 008

Shortly after we arrived, Jonny’s cousin Abby and her husband, Rich, arrived with Skid in tow.  The cousins came aboard to see Zendo while Lynn stayed on the dock with Skid who uses a walker these days (which aren’t conducive to boats).  Afterwards we drove to a very nice restaurant in Fairfield Center called Centro.  There, we had a delicious dinner and lively conversation about old times and new which Skid generously hosted.

Fairfield 2015-10-11 016

It was an eye-opener for Lynn to see how Fairfield Center has changed over the years.  The town looked beautiful with tree-lined streets, lots of attractive stores – so much of it barely recognizable (though it had always been a lovely town).   If we had had more time, it would have been fun to drive by her old home and more familiar haunts – but we’ll have to save that for another time.

Fairfield 2015-10-11 013Fairfield 2015-10-11 015

Later on, after returning to the boat, Lynn’s old high school buddy, Billy Rappoport came by to see us and the boat.  He stayed for quite a while and we caught up on each other’s lives since we only see each other every few years.   It was a wonderful reunion with all concerned and we were touched by our friends and family taking time out to visit with us.

Fairfield 2015-10-11 019

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