Sunday, May 13, 2018

Carolina Beach, NC

Jonny went for a paddle first thing in the morning on Saturday, May 12.  

Afterwards, he untangled a crab pot that had floated under Zendo in the night. We didn’t want it to get caught in our prop as we left the anchorage.  After we did our morning “chores” we took off for the short cruise to Carolina Beach, just south of Wrightsville.

On yet another beautiful, sunny day we cruised up the Cape Fear River passing ferries and an oil tanker. 

The lower Cape Fear area was not heavily developed but as we got closer to the Wrightsville area, more houses lined the western shore while the eastern shore remained relatively pristine.

We  had a reservation at Joyner Marina where we waited for Jonny’s cousin Robbie who was flying in from Maine. When we arrived at the marina they first tried to put us on an outside dock. But that berth was too rolly due to boat traffic and we requested a different slip which they were able to accommodate. However, we arrived at dead low tide and got stuck in the mud inside the slip.  We were unable to bring the boat close to the finger pier (until the tide came in) so we put the ladder by the bow in order to get on and off.  A local live-aboard was very helpful as we docked and tied up, as was the young deckhand (to a certain extent).  

Joyner Marina is in Carolina Beach, a fairly attractive town with many new houses, just south of Wrightsville. The marina has new owners and they are renovating the marina office so it should be quite nice when they are done.

We took an Uber to the grocery store to stock up on groceries in preparation for Robbie’s arrival later that evening. 

Lynn made meatloaf and salad for dinner and wrapped up the leftover meatloaf to freeze for future meals.  Robbie arrived shortly afterwards and after feeding him and chatting for a couple of hours, we all hit the sack a bit later than our usual “early to bed, early to rise” routine.

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