Monday, July 30, 2018

Trenton, Ontario

We set off from our Picton anchorage on Saturday, July 28 at 8 a.m. for a beautiful cruise to Trenton.  The water was like glimmer glass and the sky was clear and sunny.  There was very little boat traffic on the wide open waters of Quinte Bay.  As the day wore on, clouds started to roll in and  ind and waters kicked up so we were very glad we left early.

When we got close to Trenton we called the marina about where to get a pump-out as this, excellent in every other way, marina did not have one.  They told us that the pump-out located nearby was not functioning and we would have to backtrack for an hour to find one!  Jonny, as ever resourceful, thought to call the yacht club which we were directly across from to see if they had one.  They did and only charged us $15 which is low for Canada!

The Trent Port Marina where we had reservations is hands-down the nicest marina we’ve ever been to.  The city has obviously decided to invest in it since this is the entryway to the Trent-Severn Waterway, a fantastic cruising ground that draws people from far and wide.  It is an especially popular part of those who cruise all or part of the Great Loop.  The grounds of this marina were exquisite, as well landscaped as any high end hotel. 

The marina building is very contemporary with an almost sailboat-like appearance.

The washrooms are are laid out as self-contained, nicely decorated pods, each containing its own large shower, sink, toilet and spacious dressing area and each bigger than our bathrooms in our Miami Beach home!  The laundry facilities are free and include detergent and dryer sheets.  There is a very comfortable and inviting cruisers lounge with computers available for use.  An herb garden invited cruisers to help themselves to a wide variety of fresh herbs which Lynn eagerly  availed herself of.

Two grocery stores are across the street from the marina and the center of town, just a couple of blocks away.  This marina is so attractive that a wedding was taking place the afternoon we were there.  Clearly, Trent Port Marina deserved all of its five star ratings!

We spent the afternoon cleaning Zendo and dining on board.  We were visited by this tiny boat with its happy occupants!  

It was after sunset when we finally walked into town.  It looked like a nice town but almost everything was closed by 9 p.m.  Apparently there is live music several nights a week and farmer’s markets twice a week but we missed both.

We returned to Zendo to finalize our plans for the following day when we would start our journey on the Trent Severn Waterway on our way to the Georgian Bay and North Channel.

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