Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Merchant Harbor, ME

On the morning of Sept. 7, after having breakfast with Mike Goldfield in Southeast Harbor, we left our floating mooring in Northeast Harbor and headed south bound for Isle au Haut where we planned to anchor for the night.  En route we saw this amazing schooner.
Once we got into the open ocean the waves picked up and though it was sunny and warm, the seas had a fairly significant swell.   We nixed the Isle au Haut plan, contemplated going all the way to Camden, but in the end we opted for a closer anchorage in Merchant Harbor.
This proved to be a great location.  We were tucked between two islands and only one other boat was anchored nearby.  The islands were lined with huge boulders and very interesting rock formations –  a dramatic landscape! 
Robbie, Jonny and Lynn dinghied up to the island to explore.   We walked around the entire island and each bend yielded another wonderful rock formation and vista.  This anchorage was a real find!
Lynn was frustrated because she didn’t have her phone with her for pictures so after Robbie went for a short swim, we headed back to Zendo to pick up the telephoto camera.  Jonny was kind enough to row Lynn back out to the island to get some shots. 
Later on  we had another delicious dinner of freshly caught mackerel cooked on the grill.  Robbie is a great guest – he not only catches dinner but he does a great job cooking and cleaning up as well (though we do try to take turns on all the boat chores as much as possible)!

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