Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Baker's Bay, Abacos

We left Treasure Cay on Tuesday, June 21 after waiting for some rain storms to pass.  It was a little tricky getting off of the dock so Buff and Jim were there to help us.  As soon as we left the dock, Buff radioed us to tell us that our dinghy had flipped!  We had forgotten to transfer it to a single line after backing out of the dock! Jonny was quite embarrassed at such an ignominious exit!

Jonny immediately righted the dinghy.  It had some minor damage and we lost one of our life jackets (which we didn't realize until later).  We needed to get diesel but the fuel dock was located in a very narrow channel and other boats prevented us from being able to dock.  So we had to leave the harbor and come back into a mooring field where Jonny bailed out the dinghy which of course had taken on water. Finally, we were able to get to the fuel dock which was supposed to have the lowest price in the area. Wrong!  The price had been hiked the day before so that too was disappointing.

We finally proceeded in clear but windy weather for an easy passage to Baker's Bay.  We arrived at about 2 pm and spent the afternoon relaxing.

The last time were were here was with our family and the Brackens about 15 years ago.  We had chartered a catamaran with them and had a fabulous time. When we got to Baker's Bay back then, we thought we had discovered paradise. There was a beautiful and empty beach and we appeared to be the first people to step foot on it.  It was a memorable day for all of us.  What we discovered this time, was a cay that had huge homes built close together lining its shores.

An upscale marina and development has grown up there in the years since we had visited.  The marina is private and is geared toward very large yachts.  But we found a good anchorage in a very comfortable spot and spent the afternoon reading, cooking and practicing on the piano. Lynn made chicken cacciatore in the crock pot and we had a lovely evening eating on the aft deck watching another gorgeous sunset.

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