Friday, June 3, 2016

Powell Cay Anchorage, Abacos

Friday, June 3 was another beautiful sunny day!  We left our anchorage in Foxtown bound for another anchorage in Powell Cay.  Now that we are in the Abacos, all of our destinations are relatively close.  Today we made it to Powell Cay in three hours arriving at noon.

What a beautiful spot we found!  This uninhabited cay had sandy beaches and a couple of walking trails.  Although we were the first boat to arrive in this lovely cove, we were soon joined by a very large yacht – over 140 feet long!

 We watched from a distance as the yacht disgorged two large dinghies and a couple of jet ski. This yacht seemed to be familiar with the cay and know just where to “camp out” on the beach.

We took our modest little fold-up dinghy over to the beach and landed a distance from them to allow them some privacy. We then proceeded to walk the beach searching for the path that supposedly bisected the island. Not finding it, we hiked back and asked the yachtsmen if they knew of the path. They immediately pointed it out right behind where they were lounging. 

We hiked up the trail to the top of a bluff on the cay and then over the hill to the beach on the Atlantic side of the cay. It was beautiful!

The trail was quite amusing in and of itself with all kinds of flotsam and jetsam hanging from trees and draped along the path indicated the way in and out.

Afterwards, we hiked further up the bay from where we were anchored and went for a lovely swim in the warm but still refreshing waters.  The water in the Bahamas is so magnificent – with colors ranging from cerulean to turquoise to sea foam green.

Later that afternoon, another yacht not quite as big as the first one (a mere 80’) arrived and anchored on the other side of us.  We were the only 3 boats in the cove and apparently we were in very good company, our little 36 foot trawler quite dwarfed by two mega-yachts!

We had a quiet dinner back aboard Zendo and enjoyed the quiet peacefulness of this spot.  This is a gorgeous anchorage that we would be happy to return to any time!

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