Monday, May 14, 2018

Camp LeJuene, NC

On Robbie’s first full day with us he got to experience the same perfectly sunny and warm weather that we’ve been enjoying. On this Mother’s Day, May 13, we left Joiner Marina bound for an anchorage in Camp LeJeune. 

Jonny and Rob took turns at the helm throughout the day while Lynn celebrated Mother’s Day talking on the phone to her favorite mothers and, of course, her number one daughter, Stephanie.

There was a lot of boat traffic on the waterway since it was a Sunday, but nothing like what we see on the ICW in South Florida.  

We passed through beautiful, undeveloped areas with marshlands and even some sand dunes and a beach with swimmers.  We also passed some tasteful homes lining the waterway in areas that were not at all overdeveloped.

We anchored at Camp LeJeune just as our depth gauge started to fritz.  There were enough other boats in the anchorage that we were able to estimate our depth and let out the appropriate length of rode (anchor line).  Lynn contacted our “neighbor” to confirm our depth.

It was time for some adult beverages so Jonny broke out a bottle of champagne and we celebrated Mother’s Day and Rob’s arrival. Afterwards, Rob took his obligatory daily swim and Jonny was lubricated enough to follow!

As the sun started its descent, it was time for dinner. Lynn had prepared a delicious recipe of paprika chicken in her new SmartPot and  and served it with egg noodles and  salad a la Robbie. We enjoyed a leisurely dinner on the aft deck after a fine day. Even Georgio felt comfortable enough to grace us with his presence on deck.

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